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Guide to University expertise goes out to area reporters

April 8, 2002

Austin Peay's "Experts List," a booklet listing faculty members, their areas of expertise and how each can be contacted, will be mailed and, in some cases, hand-delivered to reporters this week.

In an alphabetical format, the guide lists more than 200 topics, as general as "Art" and as specific as "Zoonosis" (a disease that's communicable from lower animals to man).

Its 32 pages spotlight the University's incredibly broad range of expertise in a wide array of topics, including performance anxiety techniques (Dr. Thomas King), robotics (Dr. Chin-Zue Chen), the CIA (Dr. Vernon Warren), fitness and sports for older adults (Dr. Becky Glass), banned books (Deborah Fetch), criminology (Gerald Beavers), social stratification (Dr. Edward Sanford), to name just a few.

The guide was assembled by Cristina Henley, communication specialist in the Office of Public Relations and Marketing. "Since Cristina joined our staff six months ago, she has assumed the daily task of checking local and national news for hot topics and high-interest issues," said Dennie Burke, executive director.

"She matches the news and issues with experts at Austin Peay, and e-mails a 'Local Angle' on each one. Our 'LocalAngle' is designed to hook specifically targeted media with a quote from our 'resident expert,' and then explain how to contact him or her for additional information. As a result of Cristina's efficiency, Austin Peay faculty is viewed increasingly as a rich reservoir of knowledge and insight."

Burke explained that, although the "Experts List" is online, media representatives told Henley they would be more likely to tap APSU expertise if the list were in a handy, printed version. Now anyone in need of a quick response from a qualified expert can find names, areas of expertise and contact information both online and in the printed "Experts List."

For an online listing see: