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Gravy and ham. How hungry I am!

December 11, 2000

Using poetry--and a dash of Dr. Seuss--Human Resources staffer Carlene Smith spread word last week of the upcoming Staff Support Council Holiday Celebration. Scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 13 from 11 to 1:30, the luncheon will offer attendees a bountiful spread: turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, ham, gravy, rolls, plus coffee and tea. And the event is open to all clerical, professional and administrative staff.

Cost of admission? One culinary contribution. That can be a 16-ingredient concoction or your Mama's cornbread salad. Dishes can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be.

Salads and veggies are encouraged. The list of promised dishes is “heavy on the dessert side right now,” says Smith.

Just come, she adds. “This is a wonderful opportunity for staff to enjoy a great lunch and get to know each other better.”

And if you didn't sign up and return the form listing a dish by the Dec. 8 deadline, don't worry about it,” Smith says. “Just bring a dish and come!”

The place? the ROTC Armory near the football stadium parking lot.