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GIS Center Director receives TBR award

December 17, 2001

Dr. Sergei Andronikov, associate professor of geography at Austin Peay State University, has the whole world--at least Montgomery County--in his hands.

As director of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Geographic Information Systems (CMC GIS) Center, he uses sophisticated software to compile geographic information and merge it with statistical data in a digital warehouse that can answer questions as varied as "Is this a good spot for a new road?" and "How has crime changed in my neighborhood?"

Dr. Andronikov received the Tennessee Board of Regents' (TBR) Academic Excellence and Quality Award for his work with the CMC GIS Center at a TBR meeting, held Thursday, Dec. 6, at Austin Peay.

"We have been in business just a little more than three years, so the center is still quite young," said Andronikov. "We're excited about this technology, and we see its potential and future benefits. This recognition proves that we are on the right track and encourages us to move further along this road."

The CMC GIS Center, located in Marks Building on the Austin Peay campus, represents a tri-party partnership between the city of Clarksville, Montgomery County and APSU to collect and share updated geographic information with 30 city and county agencies. Data about local streets, rivers and land parcels, combined with environment features, have helped these departments make more timely and cost-effective decisions.

"The technology is applicable is so many ways. The maps and tables make up a very powerful analytical tool that city planners, realtors, fire departments and even newcomers to the area can use," said Andronikov.

"For example, if there is a chemical spill, emergency management teams use GIS to find the areas in danger and contact residents. The police department can have GIS on the laptops in their cars and use the query function to pull out information about crimes and then digitally map this information. New residents can even use it to find streets in specific areas."

In addition to housing a state-of-the-art computer lab, the CMC GIS Center oversees a new academic concentration in GIS technology, student research projects and an internship program.

Andronikov says he hopes to expand the center's services in the future with software upgrades, GIS certification programs, community training, consulting and international activities.

For more information about the CMC GIS Center, telephone Andronikov at 6434 or visit