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Food options for faculty and staff range from traditional to exotic

November 12, 2002

It's 11: 50 a.m., and your stomach sounds like you swallowed Barnum and Bailey. No question, you've got to consume something— and fast.

Fortunately, you've got lots of options, and most are minutes away.

For a meat-and-three, you can't beat the cafeteria—excusez moi—the Café, located in the gorgeous new University Center. Grab a tray and some flatware and then walk the line for an array of meat and veggies (traditional-style or stir-fried to your specifications). An about-face from the hot-foods line and you're in the proximity of the salad and dessert bars. Help yourself to both. It's included in the price. Now grab a drink and head for the cashier's stand, where you'll fork over only $4.50 for everything. (You also can get entrees and vegetables a la carte for $1 to $2 each.)

(Want to find out what's on the menu before walking over? Call the AP Menu Line at 6296 for a recorded message.)

If you prefer handheld food, try Pan Geos wraps—made with your choice of meats and cheeses. Try the Chicken Caesar. Pan Geos also offers a changing variety of pasta. To hear the day's selection, call 6296.

If your tastes lean to the traditional, head for the heart of the second floor: The Food Court. There you'll find Bene's Pizza and Pasta, Chik-Fil-A and Montegue's Deli. The latter offers made-to-order sandwiches on homemade breads—including focaccia— and un-standard fillings like Havarti cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Craving home-style food but on a really tight budget? Just cross the street. Wesley Foundation, the Baptist Student Union and the Church of Christ Center serve full meals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. For just $2! And that includes dessert.

Don't be surprised if your trip finds you inexplicably craving a burger though. Blame the yearning on the smell of grilled beef and onions wafting from Frank's, a Clarksville tradition, just west of the Church of Christ Center. Nonsmokers may want to order their quarter-pounder and crinkle-cut fries to go, though, and this definitely isn't the place for a quiet, introspective lunch.

The newest eatery on the block—and a nice addition it is—is Café 541, located on the corner of University and Main. The atmosphere is great, artsy chic, and with a chef on site, the entrees are extraordinarily well prepared. Don't miss the Chicken Alfredo Pizza, Lasagna Bolognese or Crab Cake Salad.

If you absolutely, positively can't leave your desk, Michael's Pizza on University will deliver.

Just one tip: New studies say the typical workplace desk has more germs than a toilet seat, so before you nosh, wash.

Bon appetit!