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Final enrollment at APSU shows increase

October 29, 2000

Fall enrollment figures for Austin Peay State University, which were finalized with the Fall II term at the APSU Center at Fort Campbell, show a slight increase, making APSU one of only two TBR four-year institutions with an enrollment increase this year.

Middle Tennessee State University, which has profited from a boom in population growth around Murfreesboro, was the other four-year TBR institution to post an enrollment gain.

Dr. Sherry Hoppe, APSU's interim president, said the news is exciting since, despite several challenges this summer and fall, APSU has had an overall gain in enrollment. One of those challenges was dealing with inflated enrollment numbers previously reported inaccurately for a leadership course at the Fort Campbell Center. The reported data should not have included those figures, and APSU has reimbursed the state for the overfunding.

“The enrollment increase at APSU, at a time when most state universities experience a decline, is a reflection of a unified effort by the campus,” said Dr. Sherry Hoppe, APSU's interim president. “The enrollment management staff worked throughout the year to strengthen recruitment activities. At the same time, the public relations staff mounted a summer marketing campaign to make the public aware of new programs, such as Web-based courses.

“Academic departments joined the drive to increase enrollment and adjusted schedules to meet the needs of students even as registration was in progress,” she said. “The strong team approach produced positive results”.

APSU has an enrollment headcount of 7,119 students this year, compared with 7,089 last year, an increase of just under a half-percent. Full-time equivalency (FTE) figures are up just over a half-percent, from 5,627 last year to 5,664 this year.

FTE numbers are calculated by taking the number of students enrolled and dividing by the number of hours (12) it takes to be a full-time student.

While other universities and community colleges announce final enrollment figures in September, enrollment figures for APSU are not finalized until the end of October when enrollment for Fall II at the Fort Campbell campus is tallied.

For more information, telephone the Registrar's Office at (931) 221-7121.