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Fee increases at TBR schools topping national averages

November 5, 2001

Fee increases of 10 percent at TBR colleges, including Austin Peay, outpaced the national average by 2.3 percent, despite record high fee increases across the country.

Public colleges raised tuition this year by an average of 7.7 percent-the highest rate since 1993, according to a survey released last week by the College Board.

The average "sticker price" for undergraduates at four-year public institutions was $3,754, an increase of $267.

Despite the high increases, Austin Peay remains a bargain compared to many public colleges across the country. Current in-state, undergraduate tuition is only $1,111 per semester. The total cost with all fees is $1,415.

Among the factors blamed for the increases were record health-insurance costs and larger-than-normal utility payments.