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Employee to Fight for University Workers

September 18, 2000

“University employees are the stepchildren of the Tennessee Legislature,” says Sherry Koontz-Howell. “Their issues simply aren't addressed.”

Koontz-Howell, a secretary in the department of agriculture, wants to change that. Toward that end, she recently agreed to serve on the Tennessee State Employees Association's Committee for Higher Education.

“Among other issues, we hope to address salary inequities among university employees, not just for faculty but for support personnel,” she says.

Koontz-Howell says she was surprised to learn how few APSU employees are members of the TSEA, a group that lobbies the Tennessee Legislature in support of the rights of state employees. She believes that increased representation is key to achieving meaningful change.

“It's one of the ways we can get the attention of the legislature,” she says.

The TSEA's next quarterly meeting is Saturday, Sept. 23. APSU employees can become members by filling out an application, which is available from Koontz-Howell in Room 104 of the Marks Building. For more information, call 7272.