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Electronic message board postings regulated by policy

October 23, 2002

With 11,400 vehicles traveling along College Street daily (according to Lamar Advertising), Austin Peay's electronic message board gets a lot of attention.

Erected in front of the Sundquist Science Building greenhouse this past spring, the board proclaims Peay Pride and paints a picture of a thriving campus community.

Scrolling messages convey information about major art, music and theatre events; sports activities; important dates; holidays and campus closings. Approved student programs and events and select announcements of community-wide interest are posted as well.

According to the Electronic Message Board Policy, which was adopted by University officials June 4, requests for messages should be made at least two weeks in advance by contacting the communication specialist (x7868) in the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

Approval for postings are made in accordance with the policy, and text is configured to accommodate electronic and mechanical limitations.

Messages from organizations not affiliated with Austin Peay, of interest only to the campus community or that are for events open only to members of an organization will not be posted.

Messages will be displayed for no more than seven consecutive days, and only one message per event will be posted.

All proposed messages must be approved by the Office of Public Relations and Marketing, which reserves the right to deny posting of messages deemed inappropriate. This includes messages not specified in the Electronic Message Board Policy.

To view the policy, go to
For more information, telephone 7868.