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Election rally to feature candidates

October 15, 2002

Candidates for local, state and federal offices will have a chance to shake hands, kiss babies and clarify their positions at the Election 2002 Celebration Rally sponsored by Austin Peay, Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The rally will begin at 6 p.m. on the porch of the music/mass communication building.

Sponsored by the departments of political science and music, the rally will feature “meet and greet” booths as well as entertainment by the 101st Airborne Division Dixieland Band.

“This event provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our right to vote for political decision makers,” said Dr. David Kanervo, chair of the political science department. “It also will be a time for the public to find out more about our candidates and our political history.”

To date, the following candidates are scheduled to attend the rally:

* Roy Green (mayor)
* Johnny Piper (mayor)
* Don Trotter (mayor)
* Sidney Brown (city council ward 1)
* Barbara Johnson (city council ward 1)
* Russell Denton (city council ward 2)
* John Lovett (city council ward 2)
* Ken Takasaki (city council ward 2)
* Mark Harris (city council ward 6)
* Ann Henderson (city council ward 6)
* Mary Nell Wooten (city council ward 7)
* A. D. Caldwell (city council ward 10)
* Bill Summers (city council ward 10)
* Sue Gonzalez (TN House district 67)
* Kim McMillan (TN House district 67)
* Sam Cross (TN House district 68)
* Jerry Hamlin (TN House district 78)
* Phillip Johnson (TN House district 78)
* Representative from Marsha Blackburn campaign (U.S. House district 7)
* Rick Patterson (U.S. House district 7)

At 7:30 p.m. in the concert theatre of the music/mass communication building, Dr. Allen Henderson, baritone and chair of the music department, will present “Election Songs Throughout History,” with a special focus on Tennessee tunes.

Dr. Otis Stephens, professor of law at the University of Tennessee, will provide commentary during the concert.

“There is a rich history of music related to the election process,” said Henderson, “and this time of year is excellent to feature some of these gems.”

The program will conclude with a special tribute to individuals who enter public service.

The Election 2002 Celebration Rally marks the kickoff of Montgomery County's Kids Voting campaign, a nationwide initiative that teaches children to appreciate the right to vote and to become active voters.

The rally and concert are free and open to the public. Concessions will be available on site.

For more information, telephone Henderson 7818.