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Distinguished Achievement Award winner shares accolades

May 20, 2002

In a letter to Dr. Sherry Hoppe, Jim Clemmer, winner of the Distinguished Achievement award, expressed the desire to share credit for the award with several colleagues. With his permission, we are reprinting the letter here.

Dr. Hoppe,
Thank you for your kind words at Commencement, and for the Distinguished Achievement award. I was surprised and very happy to receive this award, which is a high and rare honor. I am sorry I missed the presentation. As Ted told you, I was in Knoxville helping my daughter-in-law Kim celebrate receiving her hard-won D.V.M. degree.

With your permission, I would like to share the credit for this award with the colleagues with whom I worked most closely for years to further the cause of academic computing at APSU. These other first-generation technophiles are Bruce Myers, Tony Golden, Robbie Robison, Don Carlin, Nancy Smithfield, the late Bob Sears and Charles Wall. And for
his continuing administrative and moral support, John Butler. Darek Manley and Stephanie Taylor have also been with us every step of the way. These people all deserve this award. They worked very hard for many years helping to create this new world of technology, and in helping faculty move into it.

During these 20 or so years, we have labored side-by-side in a most congenial and determined way to get this techno show on the road. Our work together has been a model of cooperation and productivity almost without parallel in the history of the university. And I think that today we have much to be proud of, as everywhere we look there is evidence of our efforts. We see it in our labs, in our classrooms, offices, and most of all in the new mentalities and skills we see displayed by the faculty. And it is a genuine pleasure to see the work we started carried forward by an energetic new generation of technophiles.

So, on behalf of all of us, I thank you again for this award. It is much appreciated.

Jim Clemmer