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Candidates face tough questions during week of interviews

January 22, 2001

“What's your management style?”

“What qualifies you to lead this University through these turbulent times?”

“What is your view of the role of liberal arts education in today's environment?”

“What are your thoughts on affirmative action? On diversity?”

“What are your quirks?”

“If we hire you, how long will you stay?”

The welcome was warm but the questions were hard-hitting as faculty and staff rushed to take advantage of hour-long visits with the last three people aspiring for the presidency of Austin Peay State University.

The candidates' styles ranged from reserved to ebullient. Their pasts included everything from teaching to being a jazz drummer But all expressed an ability to meet Austin Peay's numerous challenges; all professed excitement about its potential.

And each would be well-suited to serve as president of a university. But which would best serve this university? The answer ultimately lies with the TBR chancellor, Dr. Charles Manning, who will rely heavily upon the 16-member advisory committee made up of faculty, staff, alumni, students and members of the community.

Who would you choose? Make your choice known to Wanda Welker, clerical and support staff representative; Dr. Paris Watts, administrative and professional staff representative; Dr. Jim Diehr, faculty representative; or to Manning himself.

Write him at the following address: Tennessee Board of Regents, 1415 Murfreesboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37217. The TBR's phone number is 615-366-4400. The fax is 615-366-4464.