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Campus welcomes college-bound students with AP Day 2002

October 8, 2002

Austin Peay will be under intense scrutiny Saturday, Nov. 2, as some 600 high school students and their parents arrive on campus for AP Day.

In addition to checking out Austin Peay's classrooms, buildings and grounds, visiting students will have the opportunity to talk to faculty members in various disciplines.

"Between 11:30 and 1:30, we'll have discipline-specific tables set up in the ballroom," says Dr. Houston Davis, assistant vice president of enrollment management. "That will actually be the most critical part of the day, because students come here not just to see the campus but to talk to faculty members in the discipline they're interested in."

Because students also are interested in student clubs and organizations available on campus, tables will be made available to student organization representatives.

Student Affairs, Enrollment Services and student leaders will have a strong presence on the campus throughout the day. Staff members are welcome to volunteer for AP Day activities. Check-in is at 9 a.m.

Campus visits play a critical role in the enrollment decision process, according to Davis.
“Enrollment data indicates an important factor in any student's success is whether he or she feels comfortable on a college campus," he says. "AP Day gives students throughout Tennessee and Southern Kentucky a chance to discover if Austin Peay is a good ‘fit' for them.”

The day's events conclude mid-afternoon. A complimentary lunch will be provided to all participants.