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Campus Quiz

October 9, 2001

A new ceremony began on the Austin Peay campus in 1934, ended in 1972 and enjoyed a brief resurgence in the '80s-only to fade away again. What was it?

Answer: Farewell and Hail was held in June 7, 1934 in the bowl in front of the cafeteria. Graduates with lighted candles formed the letters APN, which stood for Austin Peay Normal.
Undergraduates formed a circle around the bowl. The president of the graduating class gave a hail address, and the president of the freshman class gave a farewell address. Taps was sounded, and the graduates marched out carrying their candles to symbolize the light of knowledge being carried by them into the world. The last Farewell and Hail was held in 1972. The tradition was revived briefly during the presidency of Dr. Oscar Page.