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Campus Quiz

September 4, 2001

How many teachers were on Austin Peay's original faculty?

Answer: 16. Seven men and nine women. They included Mrs. Elizabeth Bell, John Bond, Martha Buchanan, William J. Garden, Halbert Harvill, Annie Laurie Huff, James W. Jackson, Louise Jackson, Margaret Lacy, V.C. Moffitt, Mrs. Siebert Morrow, William B. Nicholson, Mary Kathryn Tanner, Evalyn Wallace, Mrs. Britty Williams, and Felix G. Woodward. Twelve had taught in universities and colleges. Four were M.A.'s, one an M.D. The rest held bachelor's degrees. Considering the scarcity of holders of higher degrees during the period, the faculty was impressive. xxSource: "The First fifty Years of Austin Peay State University" by Charles M. Waters