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Article quoting APSU professor picked up by Associated Press

February 18, 2002

Dr. Jerry Plummer, assistant professor in the College of Business at Austin Peay, was quoted extensively in an article titled “State running out of budget options.” Originally appearing in “The Leaf Chronicle” the article was picked up by the Associated Press, a news cooperative that serves 6,000 radio and television stations and more than 15,000 newspaper and broadcast outlets worldwide.

In the article, Plummer was quoting as saying that an increased sales tax, however unpopular, is the only option for generating more revenue for the state. Plummer said the lack of true tax reform over the past three years, coupled with the state's reduced bond ratings, has left the state with few sources of revenue.

“Tennessee legislators, putting off tax change for three years due to fear of not being re-elected, are now under pressure to balance the budget in the first half of 2002,” he said. “Budget deficits, created over the past three years, were not recognized by the majority of legislators and were balanced using funds allocated from other functions.”

An increase in Tennessee's sales tax, one of the options being considered, would place an unfair percentage of the tax burden on the lower income segment of the population, he added. “Unfortunately, given the short time span, that may be the only viable option.”

The article, which ran in the local newspaper on Feb. 2, was a result of a “Local Angle” sent out by Cristina Henley of the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.