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Army will grant access for Fall II classes at Fort Campbell

September 25, 2001

Fall II classes at Austin Peay's Center @ Fort Campbell will continue to be held in the education facility located on post, though civilian registration is likely to move to main campus, says Gerald Beavers, director of the Center.

"I just received information this morning from the Garrison Commander that our Fall II term at Fort Campbell is fully approved and supported," Beavers said on Tuesday. "That means we will be able to hold all our classes at the Army Education Center."

Just a day earlier, Beavers had met with numerous University representatives to explore on-campus locations for registration, student services and many classes, an action made necessary by extremely restricted access at Fort Campbell following the terrorists attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on Sept. 11.

"We'll probably have to hold our civilian registration at main campus in order to obtain all the names and social numbers of our students," Beavers said. "We'll provide a list of those students [to Fort Campbell]. Students will have to tell the gate guard they are a student at the Education Center, and guards will check that separate roster."

Beavers will meet with representatives of the Education Center today to work out final plans.