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APSU professor urges faculty and staff to "Help yourself"

November 26, 2002

Imagine a city, a country, with no recreational, health or social services. Such a scenario is not impossible. Many local and regional organizations are funded entirely through contributions, and without those contributions, services would not be available.

The only way to ensure that never happens is for caring people to provide financial support. Ironically, it is only by giving when we need no assistance that we can know help will be available when we do.

There are spiritual as well as practical reasons to give, says Dr. Carmen Reagan, who along with Dr. Allan Williams, co-chairs the University's Charitable Giving Campaign. "As cold weather sets in, you'll feel warm inside for caring and sharing.

Plus, she adds, "In the heat of tax season, you'll be glad to take off those deductions!"

Organizations supported by donations to the Charitable Giving Campaign include many in which APSU faculty, staff and alumni are involved as volunteers. These include the Council for Community Services, Crisis Intervention, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boy Scouts, Gateway Health Services and Home Health, Progressive Directions, Urban Ministries and the YMCA.

"Others across our campus have health problems for which Community Health Charities fund treatments," Reagan says. "And all of us are interested in issues concerning our children, animals and the environment, as well as the arts, fair taxation, literacy, domestic violence. These needs are addressed by Community Shares."

Make your pledge today. Simply fill in and return your pledge form to Martha
Woodall in the President's Office by Dec. 2.

"Al Williams and I will be glad to answer questions," Reagan says, "and we certainly appreciate your support."