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APSU employees get raises

September 24, 2002

Letters distributed to employees Friday, Sept. 20 held good news for Austin Peay employees: word of a 3 percent across-the-board raise effective Jan. 1, 2003.

Funding for the increases will come from the 7.5 percent tuition increase approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents earlier this summer. TBR chair Jack Fishman said the increases “help” but are “not what they should have been.”

Two percent of the increase was mandated and funded by the state; the remaining1 percent will be covered by the University.

On top of state-mandated and -funded raises, 640 full-time faculty and staff will receive an additional salary boost as part of a salary equity plan. A response to a year-long study of Austin Peay salaries, the plan is designed to more closely align salaries at the University with those of “cohort” institutions.

Increases were based on educational level, job-relevant experience—both at Austin Peay and in related positions elsewhere—and time in the current position, as well as target salaries. (A full explanation of the formula can be found on the Austin Peay Web site.)

The equity pay increases range from 2 to 8 percent but average 3 percent. The raise is retroactive to July and will show up in October 15 and/or 31 paychecks.

The goal of the equity plan is to align salaries for similar positions across similar institutions and bring pay in line with the job market to the extent possible.