Music Minor
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Music Minor


Course Credit Hours
MUS 1057 Music Theory I  3.0 hours
MUS 1058 Ear Training I   1.0 hour
MUS 1155 Music Theory II    3.0 hours 
MUS 1156 Ear Training II  1.0 hour
MUS 1970 Music Literature 3.0 hours
Appropriate Ensembles 4.0 hours
Applied Music  4.0 semesters minimum(in single discipline)
Total Credit Hours  19 hours (minimum)

Prior to entry into Theory 1 and Ear Training 1, all students must pass a theory placement exam, administered on the first class day. Students who do not pass this exam are required to pass MUS 1040 (Introdouction to Theory 1) and MUS 1050 (Introduction to Theory 2) before beginning the regular theory and ear-training course sequence.

At the completion of course-work toward the minor, students are required to successfully pass a minor hearing (a demonstration of your performance ability for the instrumental or vocal faculty). This process is explainned in detail by the applied instructors.