Music Majors and Minors
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Music Majors and Minors

The APSU Department of Music offers a variety of music majors and minors. APSU is also one of the only state universities that offers associates degree programs which allow students to use the TN Promise at APSU, and transition directly from the associates degree into one of the four-year degree offerings.



Music Education (Choral/K-12 General Music) and (Instrumental/K-12 General Music) Concentrations:

Prepares students for careers as music teachers in preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and at the college level. Music teachers may find jobs in private, parochial, church-affiliated, and public schools, or may serve as consultants for homeschool organizations. There are also teaching opportunities overseas through missions organizations or through the armed forces (Department of Defense Education Activity). Music educators may teach general music, band, orchestra, choir, class guitar, jazz ensembles, or other emerging ensembles (mariachi and steel-pan bands among others). Music teachers may also pursue careers as music or fine arts directors for large school systems, or as curriculum writers for music education publishers. Finally, many symphony orchestras and other performance organizations employ music educators to coordinate education and outreach programs.

Follow this link for more information about music education and other music careers.

Follow this link to the semester plans for the Music Education Concentrations

Guitar, Instrumental, Keyboard or Vocal PerformancePerformance Concentration:

Prepares students for careers in symphony orchestras, opera houses, musical theaters, jazz clubs, recording studios, theme parks, cruise ships, touring companies, military ensembles, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist. Many performers also spend much of their time teaching private lessons in local schools, private studios, music stores, or at the college level. Finally, many performance majors pursue graduate degrees or careers in conducting, composing, arranging, music theory, or pedagogy, or may pursue careers in arts management.

Follow this link for more information about performance and other music careers.

Follow this link to the semester plans for the Performance Concentrations


Composition Concentration

The Bachelor of Music with a Concentration in Composition provides students with training and experiences for careers as composers. Composers write music for video games, film and television, comercial jingles, and art music. Composers aslo work as editors, type-setters, publishers, theorists, teachers, and any number of related career fields.

Follow this link for more information about performance and other music careers.

Follow this link to the semester plans for the Composition Concentration

Liberal Studies Concentration

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) is a liberal studies degree that prepares students for a wide array of careers for which a specific music degree may not be required, and allows students to select from a broad spectrum of courses that suit their career goals and interests. This concentration requires a minor in another area that students select with the help of their academic advisor, and based on career goals and interests. The minor provides additional skills and content that may not be offered in a music course, but are essential for some music-related careers. The music careers website provides information about common careers in music, and suggests minors that are most suitable for each career.

Liberal Studies Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music is identical to the B.S. in Music with the exception of an added foreign language requirement. This is recommended for students for whom foreign travels or overseas employment opportunities may be available, and especially for vocalists for whom foreign language competence is expected. 

Follow this link for more information about music career options and suitable minors.

Follow this link to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science: Liberal Studies Concentration courses and semester-by-semester plan

TN Promise at APSU

Austin Peay State University is proud to be one of the only four-year public institutions in Tennessee that offers Associates Degrees, and the only university with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. What this means for you is that you can come to APSU for a music degree using TN Promise money.

Follow this link for more information about pursuing a music degree at APSU through the Tennessee Promise.


The Minor in Music is available to students from all disciplines.

The Arts Entrepreneurship Minor is available to students from any discipline, and is one of the recommended minors available for students in the B.A./B.S. Liberal Studies concentration.

Follow this link to the music careers website that provides more information about minors in other departments across campus that will prepare you for the music career of your choosing.