Undergraduate Admission and Music Scholarships
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Undergraduate Admission and Music Scholarships

To be admitted as a music major at APSU you must:

Auditions consist of two prepared solos and an interview with the audition committee. Following your audition, you will be notified of your admission status as a music major.

The audition also consists of a theory diagnostic. The diagnostic does not influence the committee's decision regarding acceptance or scholarship amount. It is merely a tool to help our theory faculty place you in the appropriate class. For more information visit the theory diagnostic page.

Visit the Office of Admissions for a complete breakdown of APSU Admissions requirements.

For other music and non-music scholarships visit the APSU Scholarships page.

Undergraduate Scholarships for Music Majors

Music scholarships are available to qualified students. All high school graduates with acceptable academic records and music aptitude, who plan to pursue studies leading to a degree in music, are eligible to audition. All applicants for scholarship aid must first apply for admission to the university to be considered.

Scholarships in varying amounts are awarded to successful applicants by the scholarship committee. Awards are made on the basis of talent, musicianship, academic record, and needs of the department.  All awards are renewable yearly provided all conditions for renewal are met. All music scholarship recipients are required a maximum of three hours work per week and are assigned within the music department.

Auditions consist of one or more prepared solos and an interview with the scholarship committee.

Undergraduate Scholarships for Non-Majors

Any student, regardless of intended major, is eligible to audition for a marching band scholarship. The Governors Own Marching Band is under the direction of Professor John Schnettler, whose contact information appears below. Please contact him if you are interested in a scholarship for marching band.

John P. Schnettler
(931) 221-6820
Music/Mass Communication Building, Room 163