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Instrumental Specialization (Music Performance Concentration)


Credit Hours

General Education (see TBR Common Core )


University-Wide Freshman Seminar Requirement


Specific General Education Requirements: 3/9 Credit Hours

  • MUS 1970 - Introduction to Music Literature 3
  • MUS 1970 substitutes for a Humanities core course for music majors.  Therefore, for music majors, this course will count as part of the General Education Requirement (consisting of 41 credits).
  • Intermediate Foreign Language 6 (Required for the B.A. only)

Lower Division Major Requirements: 33 Credit Hours

 Students must take a minimum of *ONE of the following piano offerings. (*However, additional piano instruction may be needed in order to to satisfy piano proficiency requirement).


  • MUS 1xxx - Applied Music–Individual Instruction 8 (Four semesters of 2-credit lessons)
  • MUS 1xxx - Ensemble (appropriate) 8 (Four semesters of 2-credit ensemble offerings).

Upper Division Major Requirements: 44 Credit Hours