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Instrumental Specialization (Music Education Concentration)

Music Education Concentration with Teacher Licensure              Credit Hours
General Education (See TBR Common Core)41
University-Wide Freshman Seminar Requirement1

Specific General Education Requirements: 3/9 Credit Hours

  • MUS 2030 - World Music 3
  • MUS 2030 counts as a Humanities core course for music majors.  Therefore, for music majors, this course will count as part of the General Education Requirement (consisting of 41 credits).
  • Intermediate Foreign Language 6 (Required for the B.A. only)

Lower Division Major Requirements: 28 Credit Hours

 Students must take a minimum of *ONE of the following piano offerings. (*However, additional piano instruction may be needed in order to to satisfy piano proficiency requirement).



Four credits of lower division ensemble credit are required. A student must register for an ensemble appropriate to his/her applied area of study. (See the list below). Note: woodwind, brass, and percussion students must complete two semesters of marching band. Accordingly, these instrumentalists must register for marching band for the fall semesters of their freshman and sophomore years.


Upper Division Major Requirements: 33 Credit Hours




Additional courses required for licensure

Student Teaching: 12 Credit Hours