Policies and Procedures
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Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct

The Home School performing ensembles were created as opportunities for musical growth and social interaction for homeschool students. Our goal is that each ensemble will enable children to participate fully and enjoy the process of making music in an environment where they feel free to learn and make mistakes without having to deal with off-task, disruptive, or disrespectful behaviors of other children. This goal can only be achieved when children and teachers work together in an environment of mutual respect. Therefore, we hold our participants accountable to certain behavioral standards. Fighting, stealing, bullying, and disrespect to staff or fellow participants will not be tolerated. Significant or consistent discipline problems may cause your child to be dismissed for the day, or permanently removed from the ensemble. If you are asked to pick-up your child for disciplinary reasons, the ensemble director and Homeschool Music Program director will determine if and when your child may return. No refunds will be given for children who are sent home for disciplinary reasons.

Participation agreement:

Elementary Honor Choir: Participation in a performing ensemble is a musician’s team-sport. When one member of the team performs poorly, does not prepare his or her part, or regularly misses practices, the entire team suffers. Therefore, ensemble members will be expected to attend rehearsals regularly. Children who join the ensemble, but miss more than 3 rehearsals in a semester without prior notification will be dismissed from the ensemble, and their spot will be given to someone on the waiting list. We do not want this to seem harsh or punitive, but we do wish to instill in the participants a sense of dedication to the group, and devotion to other ensemble members. 

Beginning Band: Learning to play an instrument takes time, effort, diligence, and practice. Usually, a beginning band program includes practices that meet 3 to 5 times a week plus individual practice (like homework). However, we realize that the schedule of most homeschoolers will not allow this. We will rehearse once each week, and will send your child home with things to do during the week that will strengthen his/her knowledge of music and skill on the instrument. Also, we strongly encourage your child to take private lessons on his or her new instrument. This will provide approximately one 50-minute full band rehearsal, and one 30-minute lesson per week, plus 10 to 20 minutes of daily practice. A list of locations for private lessons is included above.

Medical Information

Prescription and non-prescription medications may only be administered by children’s parents or guardians. If your child requires medication during practices, please come at the appropriate time to administer the medication. Children may bring inhalers but please do not send your child with any other medication. In the event there is a medical emergency during practice, the directors will call 911 first and then notify you. Please let us know if your child is allergic to any foods, latex balloons, or other elements to which he/she may be exposed during activities.

If your child is ill: Please do not bring any child who is ill or has a related contagious ailment (lice, pink-eye, etc…). Generally, children should be fever-free for 24 hours to participate in the Home School Music Program. If your child becomes ill or is injured during activities, you will receive an Incident Report to let you know what happened and how the situation was handled. 

Minor Photo Release

Staff and campus Public Relations personnel may occasionally take photographs or videos of camp activities for promotional materials. At check-in, parents/guardians will be asked to sign a photo release form. If you choose not to sign the photo release form, your child’s image (photo) will not be used. The APSU statement reads:

I hereby consent to and authorize Austin Peay State University to use and/or reproduce photographs and/or video (which have been taken of my child in conjunction with this event by an APSU official or agent representing APSU) for reproduction in brochures, booklets, print advertisements and/or on APSU’s Web site that promote APSU or a department, office, program of APSU. The associated negatives/pictures are the property of APSU to be used only as described above. In the event that your child’s likeness is used, there will be no identifying information. 

Liability Statement

When registering your child for the Homeschool Music Program, you will be/were provided a copy of the APSU participation agreement. Registering your child for the Homeschool Music Program provides consent of the following:

In addition to the payment of any non-refundable fee, in consideration of my child’s participation in the Homeschool Music Program, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs and my assigns, I hereby release and hold harmless the Community School of the Arts, department of music at Austin Peay State University, its employees and agents, the Tennessee Board of Regents, and the State of Tennessee from liability for injury, death or property loss suffered by myself/my child while participating in Homeschool Music Program activities. Activities include the use of the equipment at Austin Peay State University which has inherent risks, including but not limited to:
Regular, music classroom and ensemble activities (singing, listening, playing instruments, breathing exercises, and movement).

I acknowledge that I understand and appreciate the inherent risks of participating in any program at Austin Peay State University. I know that these risks range from minor scrapes, strains and bruises to significant injuries such as broken bones, eye injury or loss, concussion, paralysis and even death, and may result from myself/my child’s own actions, the actions of others or a combination of both. By the execution of this agreement, I fully assume the inherent risks associated with the facilities, equipment and activities provided through the Community School of the Arts and assert that my child’s participation in them is voluntary.

I hereby certify that I have adequate health insurance to cover any injury or damages that I/my child may suffer while participating, or alternatively, agree to bear all costs associated with any such injury or damages to myself/my child.

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