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Music GTA Information

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

GTAs are available for qualified students who wish to pursue a Master of Music degree, with concentrations in Performance or Music Education (including Initial Licensure Program).  Music Education assistantships are available for practicing or aspiring music educators. Performance assistantships are allotted to applied studios of all the customary areas: winds, percussion, strings, guitar, piano, and voice (all voice types), as well as choral and instrumental conducting. 

Essentially, a GTA becomes a “teaching apprentice” – by being paired with experienced and gifted classroom teacher. During their first year, the GTA will be mentored/supervised as part of the (required) Practicum in Teaching course. For the second year the role of the GTA as a teacher/facilitator could be significantly enhanced. For those who demonstrate extraordinary teaching skills during the first year, the second year may involve an opportunity to take complete responsibility for a class, serving as the official ‘teacher of record.’

The usual teaching assignment will involve music appreciation (our general education core course for non-majors); however, graduate students have also taught music majors in the areas of methods, class voice, music technology, and musicianship.

Teaching, grading, or assisting with classroom courses will normally account for half of the 20 hours of required service, weekly. The remaining hours may be used to fill additional departmental needs, which include but are not limited to, the following:

Departmental Needs (and possible GTA duties for those interested and qualified)

Interested students should:

  1. Consult audition requirements and complete a web request for an audition time.
  2. Make a formal application to the College of Graduate Studies.
  3. Complete the music department GTA application form. 

For more information, contact

Department of Music
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P: 931-221-7818
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