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Theory and Composition

A music theorist is someone who analyzes and writes about music. A composer is obviously someone who composes or writes music. Most music theorists teach theory at the college level, or edit music for publishing companies. While some composers write symphonies, operas, and other traditional genres, many composers write music for commercials, television programs, movies, and an increasingly growing field of video game sound tracks. Most composers also teach theory to college-level music students so a graduate degree in music would be required. If you are interested in this career, a Bachelor of Music in Performance is recommended, mainly to prepare you for graduate school in composition or theory. At the undergraduate level, APSU offers a B.M. in Performance with a Specialization in Composition.

Dr. Jeffrey Wood is APSU’s coordinator of theory and composition. He has written and published extensively for various large and small ensembles. A sampling of his musical compositions and scholarly works includes:

“The Great War and the Challenge of Memory.” New Sound: International Journal of Music, Issue 44, 2015.
“Music and the War,”
in The Encyclopedia of World War I: A Political, Social and Military History, six vols., Spencer Tucker, general editor, ABC-CLIO, 2007.
“The Music of World War II,” in The Encyclopedia of World War II: A Political, Social and Military History, Spencer Tucker, general editor, ABC-CLIO, 2005.
Vocal works published with Classical Vocal Reprints <>: 

Every Night and Every Morn, CVR3450Dr. Jeffrey Wood, composer

Kriegeslieder/Songs of War, CVR3451
Июль 1914/Iyúl’ 1914/July 1914, CVR3452
Lullay, My Child, CVR3454
Oliver Singing,
Weiße Falter/White Moths,
The Song of the Wandering Ængus,
Liebeslied/Lovesong, CVR3458
Four Deadly Serious Songs, CVR3459
Einsamkeit/Solo Song,
Lied vom Meer/Sea Song,
Antico inverno/Ancient Winter
, CVR3464
my sweet old etcetera, CVR3465.



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