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Additional Music Career Resources

If you are thinking about a degree or a career in music but need more information, there are a lot of resources that can help. Additional career-specific information is also available on any one of the websites of the music professional organizations. As you search for more information, be cautious of music career resources that are written by non-musicians. Sometimes a high school guidance counselor will have career advising information that is written by non-musicians and these publications typically present a very limited and inaccurate portrayal of music career opportunities. Also, watch-out for materials that are labeled “music career” but really only focus on music business or the music industry. These materials will usually fail to mention pedagogy, music education, music therapy and many other careers that are not part of the music recording industry. Finally, watch-out for any music career resource that says “anyone can become a professional musician.” Life as a professional musician takes hard work, diligence, practice, and patience. It is not for the faint of heart and, usually, only the dedicated are successful.

For more information about music careers, we encourage you to find any of these publications in your local bookstore, on-line retailer, or website. Again, these are not listed as an endorsement of quality or accuracy. They are only included herein as additional sources of information.

General Music Career Resources

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