Tuition, Fees and Assistantships
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Tuition, Fees and Assistantships

Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid

For information about loans, work-study and part-time employment opportunities, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs at, (877) 508-0057 or (931) 221-7907, or visit the Financial Aid website.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to aid students enrolled at APSU on a full-time basis. Graduate assistantships are awarded on the basis of undergraduate GPA, GRE results, recommendations from former professors, resumes and interviews. Graduate assistants (GAs) work an assigned number of hours, commonly 20 hours per week and are paid semi-monthly. Working hours are flexible and are arranged around the GA's class schedule. GAs work during the fall and spring semesters.

The yearly stipend for an assistantship is approximately $5,100. Applicants interested in a graduate assistantship must apply for graduate admission and submit a completed Application for Graduate Assistantship to the College of Graduate Studies by March 1 for fall appointments and October 1 for spring appointments. For specific guidelines and information regarding graduate assistantships, please refer to the College of Graduate Studies' website. 

Psychology Department Scholarships

Limited funds are available for scholarships for psychology department students. To date, the only scholarship in place is the Anthony Rinella Scholarship. Interested students should contact Dr. Deborah Buchanan for more information before, or by, early February of their first year in the school counseling program. A faculty committee ranks students based on need and academic standing. Students enrolled in school counseling are eligible for these funds.

Special Support for Minority Students/Students with Disabilities

Some programs also have scholarships available through professional affiliations. Please contact program coordinators and/or the Office of Disability Services for specific information regarding these scholarship opportunities.