The Military Life Bulletin
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The Military Life Bulletin


APSU's Center for the Study of Military Life publishes an open-access journal titled: The Military Life Bulletin.  The Military Life Bulletin is a transdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that encourages submissions from the social science disciplines.  The journal is currently published semi-annually and scholarly submissions should broadly focus on aspects of military life as it relates to the individual, family, community, as well as the current social milieu.

The Military Life Bulletin is the official publication of the Center for the Study of Military Life at Austin Peay State University and the inaugural issue is anticipated to debut online in the Spring of 2013. The Military Life Bulletin is a peer-reviewed academic journal broadly addressing issues relating to the dynamics of military life. The "Bulletin" is an open-access electronic journal and access to each issue is made publicly available through this website. 


The format of the journal seeks to further inform the discourse between social scientists and professionals working with military populations.  The journal encourages scholarly contributions across the variety of social science disciplines as well as from practitioners and clinicians. The journal’s structure intends to extend the accessibility of scholarly research to a diversity of readers both within and beyond the academic context. 

The Military Life Bulletin is centered on a scholarly position paper addressing a current subject relevant to the dynamics of military life.  Position papers may take various forms but generally include well-supported scientific discussions to summarize, advocate, debate, or inform pertinent issues related to some aspect of military life. The focus and topic of the position paper will vary from issue to issue.   

The position paper is made available to reviewers for commentary through the journal’s website and a collection of peer-reviewed responses to the position paper are subsequently published.  Reviewer commentaries may provide (but are not limited to) critiques and counter arguments, issues for future consideration, and implications for public policy.  All reviewer commentaries submitted for publication are expected to be well- informed and will be subject to a blind peer-review process.  Authors of focal articles will be afforded the opportunity to respond to the reviewer commentaries and their responses will be published in the issue in which their focal article appears.         

Have an idea about a focal article or a topic to be addressed in an upcoming issue of The Military Life Bulletin?  Please contact Dr. Tucker Brown at