APSU Military Coin
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APSU Military Coin

Military & Veteran Graduate Recognition Ceremony

We honor graduating active duty and military veteran students during the “All Hail to Those Who Serve” ceremony, presenting graduates with a special military coin.

Designed with military students and veterans in mind, the antique bronze color coin was first cast in 2011. On one side of the coin, the eagle is prominently displayed as the nation’s symbol, along with other American patriotic elements. The University’s AP logo is situated at the bottom of the coin. The words, “All Hail to Those Who Serve,” were crafted from the lyrics of APSU’s alma mater and from the military’s customs and courtesies to welcome those who have joined the unit.

The other side of the coin shows an image of the clock tower atop the Browning Administration Building, generally considered the emblem of APSU. The year APSU was founded, 1927, also is noted on the bottom of the piece.