Resources For Active Duty Military
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Resources For Active Duty Military


If you are stationed at Fort Campbell you will be able to take advantage of many programs offered at our APSU Center @ Fort Campbell and on our main campus, which is located just a few miles from post. If you are not stationed at Fort Campbell, we offer a multitude of online programs which you can complete without ever stepping into a classroom


What is GoArmyEd? GoArmyEd is the portal by which all active duty soldiers who are utilizing tuition assistance must apply for admission, register for and drop classes. This portal is used not only for our Fort Campbell campus, but also our main campus. For additional information please visit our detailed GoArmyEd information site.


For active-duty military, reassignments and deployments are facts of life. Here at Austin Peay, we want to help our soldiers, so we offer an Admissions Checklist to help get you started.

Career NCO Degree Program

Career NCO Degree Program is extension of the SOCAD Army Career Degree Program. This program is for all enlisted soldiers in any MOS.

ROTC Program

Austin Peay is a smart choice for the aspiring Green to Gold soldier. The APSU registrar is very veteran and soldier-friendly, and the University is generous with granting military service credits. Plus, soldiers who take classes at the APSU Center @ Ft. Campbell are assured their credits will transfer toward their degree. For more information on the Green to Gold program, visit

The APSU ROTC program is consistently ranked as one of the best of its kind. This year it was awarded the 2008 MacArthur Award—annually given to the eight best programs out of 272 in the nation for producing the highest quality officers.