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MLT to MLS/MT On-line Program

Laboratory Technician to Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist (MLT to MLS/MT) Program

Transition from MLT to MLS/MT in as few as 11 months!

Through APSU’s MLT to MLS/MT program, in-state students can complete the Bachelor of Science: Medical Laboratory Science for about $10,300*. Out-of-state students taking exclusively online classes pay approximately $15,400* thanks to APSU’s e-rate.

This program will allow you to

A separate program application is required for this major.  Acceptance to the MLT to MLS/MT program is competitive.  The minimum GPA required to apply is 2.75.   All applicants must have successfully completed a NAACLS accredited MLT program from a regionally accredited college or university.  MLT coursework credits must transfer to APSU.  Applicants must also meet all technical standards required by the program and have at least two years' full time work experience (minimum 4,000 working hours) as a nationally certified MLT in an accredited human diagnostic laboratory.   The MLT to MLS/MT is an 11-month lock-step program, starting in August and concluding in July. You may need to complete prerequisite courses before gaining acceptance to the program. If so, you will find APSU offers hundreds of classes online.

Once accepted, students take two classes during each of four eight-week terms. Two eight-week terms are completed in the fall and two in the spring. Additionally, you will complete one course during the May session and one course during the summer session. Upon successful completion of these courses, you will receive course credit for your work experience.  Students graduate at the end of summer session in early August.


Program Requirements

  1. Completion of a program application prior to the February 1 application deadline.  This is a separate process from application to Austin Peay State University.  
  2. Minimum 2.75 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale. Program admission is competitive.  
  3. Students must have completed a NAACLS accredited MLT program including clinical rotations.
  4. Student must have at least two years’ work experience (minimum 4,000 working hours) as a nationally certified MLT (ASCP, AMT, or similar) in an accredited laboratory (accreditation by CLIA, CAP, or similar)
    1. Work experience must be complete by August 1 of the year the student begins the MLS program.
    2. APSU will grant 17 credit hours for this work experience toward your BS degree.
    3. Experience may be in any section of the laboratory.
    4. No clinical rotations are required as part of the MLT-MT program as this is fulfilled by work experience.
  5. Students must meet all physical and technical standards.
  6. Students must complete all required prerequisite coursework as discussed below. All pre-requisites must be complete before the student can begin the MLS program.


How do I apply?

Application to the MLT to MLS program is a separate process in addition to acceptance to Austin Peay State University. We are accept  program applications exclusively through the Allied Health Centralized Application Service (AHCAS) web portal which is accessed from the button below. Paper applications are no longer accepted and will not be considered.

 APSU MLT to MLS program apply now! 

You can also copy and paste this link into your browser:

Applications will be accepted each year from October 1 through February 1 for the program beginning the following fall. Students will be notified of their status by early May.  Accepted students must then apply to Austin Peay State University as a transfer student.  Once accepted to the University, students will be advised on any missing prerequisite courses.  Full program acceptance is contingent upon acceptance to the University, transfer of all required coursework, and completion of all prerequisites.    

Applications are due February 1 each year for the program beginning the following August.  It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their AHCAS application is marked "Verified" before the February 1 due date.  The AHCAS verification process can take up to one month.  Incomplete and late applications (those not verified by February 1) will not be considered. Applications are not retained for future years.  Applicants must reapply in order to be considered for subsequent years.  


What documents will I need in order to complete a program application?

  1. Three professional letters of recommendation. Letters must be signed.  These will be uploaded into AHCAS by the applicant according to the instructions in the APSU program application within AHCAS.
  2. Letter(s) from your Human Resources (HR) department(s) verifying your rank and tenure of employment. Letter(s) will be uploaded into AHCAS by the applicant according to the instructions in the APSU program application within AHCAS.  Letter(s) verifying employment must come from HR and be written on official letterhead with an original signature.  Each letter must contain the following information:
    1. Job title
    2. Full or part time status (if part-time, number of hours worked since hire date must also be included)
    3. Name of agency accrediting the workplace laboratory (example: CLIA, CAP, TJC, COLA)
    4. Name and original signature of the human resources official writing the letter
    5. Letter must be composed on company letterhead
  1. Copy of your current national MLT certificate or registration card. State license will not substitute for national certification. This document will be uploaded into AHCAS by the applicant according to the instructions in the APSU program application within AHCAS.
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities previously attended. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to AHCAS following the instructions within the AHCAS system.  Failure to include all college/university transcripts in the AHCAS application is the number one reason for an incomplete application.  Incomplete applications are not considered.


When will I know if I'm accepted?

Applicants who have completed the program application process (application is marked "verified" in AHCAS) on or before February 1 will receive notification of their status in early May.  Acceptance is always contingent on completion of all outstanding prerequisites before the start of the APSU fall semester. 


Prerequisite Courses 

  1. If you plan to work in Tennessee, our state requires 16 credit hours of chemistry and 16 credit hours of biology.  All biology and chemistry courses must be applicable for science majors.  One of the biology courses must be Microbiology with lab and one of the chemistry courses must be either organic or biochemistry with lab. Even if the student does not plan to work in TN, the MT faculty may require the completion of prerequisite science courses in order to ensure adequate preparation for the MLS/MT program coursework. Please contact the Tennessee Medical Laboratory Board for further information.
  2. All students, regardless of state, are required to take 2 semesters (totaling 6 semester credit hours or 12 quarter hours) of US, Tennessee, or World History.
  3. All students, regardless of state, are required to take two semesters of fine arts (introduction to music, art, theater, or philosophy).  Performance courses are not acceptable.
  4. All students, regardless of state, are required to take two semesters of social sciences (two different departments--sociology, psychology, history, political science, geography)
  5. All students, regardless of state, are required to take three semesters of English (two composition courses and one literature course).
  6. All students, regardless of state, are required to take 1 semester of human A&P (lecture and lab).
  7. All students, regardless of state, are required to take 1 semester of general chemistry for science majors (lecture and lab).
  8. All students, regardless of state, are required to take 1 semester of microbiology (lecture and lab). This cannot be a MLT/MLS microbiology course.  It must be general microbiology from a biology or microbiology department.
  9. All students regardless of state, are required to take 1 semester of oral communication.
  10. All students, regardless of state, are required to take 1 college level algebra or statistics course (cannot be a DSPM, elementary, introductory, intermediate, or remedial course).  No other math courses are acceptable.
  11. Students must have at least 120 credit hours after completion of our on-line program (in which you will complete 30 coursework credits plus 17 work experience credits).  This means that you must have at least 73 college credit hours before starting the program.
  12. All students are required to complete the ASCP Board of Certification review course during the final semester of the program.

The only pre-requisite courses that are required for students who have completed a BS degree and who will not work in Tennessee are US/World History I and II for a total of six semester credits.  However, a strong coursework background in chemistry and biology is required and this will be evaluated by the faculty.


Prerequisite Advising

Prospective students who desire prerequisite advising prior to applying to the MLT to MLS program must apply to Austin Peay State University as a transfer student. Upon acceptance to Austin Peay State University, please log into your Onestop account and verify that all of your transfer credits are visible in Onestop on your transfer evaluation.  If any courses or transcripts are missing, you will need to follow up with our Admissions office.  Once you’ve verified that your transfer coursework is visible,you may email a request for prerequisite advising along with your APSU student ID number (which begins with an "A") to: .  Requests to review transcripts outside of the formal University application process will not be granted.  


Program schedule

Students in our program complete two courses each eight weeks plus two courses in our summer session for a total of ten courses (30 semester credit hours).  The curriculum includes courses in molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, immunohematology, laboratory management, urinalysis/body fluids, parasitology/mycology/virology, bacteriology, and a BOC review course.   All students complete the program as a cohort and must be enrolled full time. For information about semester dates, please consult the APSU Academic Calendar for the Clarksville campus.  



Tuition for the 2018-19 academic year will be about $15,378 for out of state students, or $10,277 in state*  (Tuition rates are subject to change.) Tuition is paid by the semester and installment payment plans are available.  Students can calculate the tuition for our program by using the online Student Account Services & Cashier's Office (formerly Bursar's office) tuition and fee schedules.  View the tuition and fee schedule for "Undergraduate Clarksville Campus" if you are a Tennessee resident, or for "E-rate Undergraduate Clarksville Campus" if you are out of state. Twelve hours are completed in fall and 12 hours in spring.  Six hours are completed in summer.  Tuition is paid per semester.  All courses in the MLT to MT program qualify for the E-rate for out of state students.  Additional costs for missing pre-requisite courses will apply based on the tuition and fee schedule.  Please call the Student Account Services & Cashier's office to request further information on tuition costs for the e-rate.  (931) 221-6285.


Financial Aid

Students are eligible for federal financial aid and each student is responsible for filing his or her own FAFSA. Students should contact the APSU Office of Financial Aid for additional information. 


MLT to MLS Program Coordinator

Jane Semler, MS, MT(ASCP)

Professor of Medical Laboratory Science


Office phone: 931-221-7796

Office:  Sundquist Science Complex A211



*Estimate based on 2018-2019 rates for the courses included in the 11-month MLT to MLS program. For more information, please visit the Student Account Services & Cashier's Office web site.