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  • Faculty and Students present at ­10th Mississippi State Conference on Differential Equations and Computational Simulations October 23-25, 2014

    Step collisions in crystal growth, Nick Kirby
    Coauthors: Michel Jabbour and Paolo Cermelli

    Using logarithmic basis functions to solve singular differential equations, John Garwood (mentored by Dr. Samuel Jator)

    Extended backward differentiation formulas with polynomial and non-polynomial basis functions for solving the Black-Scholes partial differential equation, Joseph Hayes (mentored by Dr. Samuel Jator)

  • 2014 MAA MathFest Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon


    (2014 MathFest, Portland, Oregon. From left to right; Apsu students; Justin, Elisha, Dodji , and John)

     APSU was well represented at the 2014 Mathematical Association of Mathematics MathFest Meeting held early August in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Ben Ntatin, associate professor of Mathematics,  sponsored 4 students' travel to this conference. All four students presented their research at the conference, while Dr. Ntatin himself a national council member of  the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society, assisted in the organization, moderation, and judging of student sessions. The students received travel assistance from the Pi Mu Epsilon national office and the Office of Students' Affairs/Office of Undergraduate Reseach at Austin Peay.

     The following APSU students presented at the conference:

     Justin Cook: Qualitative Dynamics of MDR-TB and XDR-TB with Isolation

    We present a deterministic system of ODE for the transmission dynamics of three mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) strains, active TB, multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), and extensively-drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB). The conditions for elimination or persistence of the disease is qualitatively studied via stability analysis of the model. Using sensitivity analysis, response of the system parameters to their associated reproduction numbers are discussed. The impact of isolation of infected individuals on control efforts is determined through simulation.

     John Garwood: Using Logarithmic Basis Functions to Solve Singular Differential Equations

    Abstract: Numerical methods based on polynomial approximation perform poorly when applied to singular initial value problems. Hence, we are motivated to derive and implement numerical methods involving non-polynomial basis functions such as logarithmic and rational functions. Specifically, by imbedding a constant into the logarithmic function, we are able to overcome any discontinuity issues with the natural logarithm approximant. An efficient method that can handle singular differential equations is developed by using the Taylor Series expansion to optimize the imbedded parameter. Numerical experiments performed show that the methods are more accurate than the Improved Euler’s method. These methods are implemented as predictor-corrector methods.

     Elisha Hall: A Quantitative Analysis of SIR-type Malaria Models

    Abstract: Malaria is a parasitic infection transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitos which can be fatal if not treated. The CDC reports Malaria had killed more than 627,000 people and created 207 million clinical episodes in 2012 alone. With approximately 1,500-2,000 cases reported every year, America is far from being isolated from this disease.

    Sir Ronald Ross was the first to create an analytical model of Malaria and received a Nobel Prize for his work in 1902. Others such as Macdonald and Lotka have built upon this basis to give a refined view of the behavior of Malaria and treatment options. Ross model, a general Kermack-McKendrick SIR-type model, is still being used as a basis to create further models of the Malaria epidemic. This project is a comprehensive analysis of Ross and Ross-Lotka models including determining the equilibrium points, reproduction numbers and stability of the equilibrium point. Further study is done to compare/contrast both models. 

    Dodji Kuwonu: Solving Elliptic PDE Using Polynomial Basis Functions via Perturbed Collocation

    Abstract: In this presentation, we propose a method for solving elliptic Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) using polynomial basis functions via perturbed collocation. The method is implemented without requiring starting values or predictors. Numerical examples such as Poisson Equation, Laplace Equation are solved to show the accuracy of the method. 

  • APSU students perform well at Tennessee Academy of Science meeting

    Several Austin Peay State University students took home awards for their outstanding research papers during the 2014 Tennessee Academy of Science Middle Division Collegiate Meeting for Undergraduate Research at Belmont University on April 12.

    APSU students David Griffin, Steven Purcell and Donald Hayes received second-place honors for their presentation, "Bernoulli's equation using an ideal fluid in the complex plane.” Dr. Ben Ntatin, associate professor of mathematics, mentored the students. The students are enrolled in Ntatin's Introduction to Complex Analysis class.

    APSU students Griffin, Kyle Hayes and Katie Rosenberg earned the third-place award for their presentation "The design of a satellite attitude control system.” Dr. Ramanjit Sahi, associate professor of mathematics, mentored the students. They are enrolled Sahi's Linear Algebra class.

    Both Ntatin and Sahi were present to cheer and support the students in this occasion.

  • MAA 2014--Students, Dodji Kuwonu, Michael McAllister, Bruce Cain, Benjamin Hardin, and Brent Champion, mentored by Ben Ntatin and Samuel Jator and Faculty, Ramanjit Sahi, each presented talks at the MAA Southeastern Section 93rd Annual Meeting


APSU Math Team Dodji Kuwonu, David Zhang, and Ben Firth won 2nd place at the 2014 Southeastern Section MAA Math Jeopardy Contest.  They were mentored by Ben Ntatin.MAA_pics_014.JPG 

  • APSU Math Professor Teaches in Honduras



                CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Earlier this summer Dr. Ben Ntatin, Austin Peay State University associate professor of mathematics, traveled to the Central American nation of Honduras to teach a couple college-level math classes at the Soto Cano Air Base. When he arrived in May, Ntatin discovered the enrollment numbers for his courses were a bit low.

                “When I arrived, I had one student,” he said. “I worked really hard to recruit students because some didn’t even know they had tuition assistance available to them. They had to apply to college for the first time.”

                Ntatin attended assemblies and meetings at the base, pitching the idea of a college education to the U.S. soldiers stationed at Soto Cano. He eventually convinced nine students to enroll in one course and six to try another one, continuing APSU’s new foray into Honduras.

               Last year, the Austin Peay Center @ Fort Campbell decided to offer the soldiers stationed at Soto Cano an option other than online classes. The Center pitched the idea of teaching in Honduras to professors at APSU’s Clarksville campus, and during the spring semester, APSU assistant professor of history Dr. Sheena Harris became the first faculty member to spend a few months at the airbase.

                On May 22, Ntatin arrived as the second APSU faculty member to teach in that Central American country. His students were all soldiers stationed at the air base.

                “They were very good students,” he said. “It was the same impression I’ve always had of soldiers. They’re very disciplined and a desirable kind of student. I had to be more flexible because they are active duty, and sometimes they went out on missions. Even so, they were very conscientious to make sure they did all their assigned work. I was very impressed.”

                In his off hours, Ntatin lived in military housing, ate in the local mess hall and taught himself Spanish.

                “I speak many languages, and Spanish was one I always promised myself I would learn,” he said. “I occupied myself during the day trying to learn Spanish, and I came back being able to speak it.”

                 The Austin Peay Center @ Fort Campbell is looking to continue its presence at the air base, sending APSU professors in subjects such as English, history and mathematics to Honduras for eight weeks each semester. Ntatin said he’d like to go back to motivate these soldiers to pursue a college education.

                “Personally, it breaks my heart when I see servicemen and women not having a job,” he said. “You need to see the amount of work they do, the discipline they have and the things they do. I was very forceful about that point when I was recruiting them. You have tuition assistance here so you need to use it. And I think the fire of learning was lit in them.”

                For more information on the program, contact Ntatin at

  • Fall 2012 and Spring 2013  Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates:

Chiriga N. Moore, Mathew M. Hinson, Bruce E. Cain Jr., Mahmoud Parvizi, Julian Thomas Texidor, Seth Charles, Anderson Coble, Kristen Knight, Joshua Allen Williams, William G. Rich, Michail McAlliter, Traci Grant, Jordan Taylor, Brandy L. Smith, Mark Berghel, Linh Nguyen, Hudson T. Bilbrey, Andrew T. Wilson II, James I. Murtha, Douglas J. Bruce, Murphy Rogers, Travis Tanner, Ms. Audrey Bullock, Dr. Indranil Ghosh

  • Our students won awards in both the completed and in-progress research category in the poster presentations at 2013 Research Forum. 

     In-progress Research Category:   Liliana Alvarez and Anne French, Connections between Markov Chains and Knot Theory, mentored by Dr. Sahi

    Completed Research Category:  Donald Buhl-Brown and William Rich, An Analysis of Using Depth Data to Refine Frame Difference Motion Detection Algorithms, mentored by Dr. Nicholson 

  • Students participated and won prizes at the 2013 TAS Middle Division Collegiate Meeting for Undergraduate Research held at Belmont University.  The title of the talks are as follows: 

    1. Devil's Staircase – The Cantor function, Timothy R.      Curtis, mentored by Dr. Ben Ntatin. (Won the third prize in the      Mathematics Section)
    2. An Analysis of the Cantor Set, Kristen N.      Knight, mentored by Dr. Ben Ntatin. (Won the third prize in the      Mathematics Section)
    3. Solving the Heat equation using the Laplace's Transform      via the method of Lines, Dodji Kuwonu, mentored by Dr. Samuel      Jator. (Won the second prize in the Mathematics Section)
    4. Analysis of a Refined Frame difference algorithm,      Donald Buhl-Brown, William Rich, Stephen Schuetrumphf, Joshua Forster,      mentored by Dr. John Nicholson. (Won the second prize in the Engineering      /Computer Science Section)
    5. Bayesian Machine Learning and Text Classification, Anne      French, mentored by Dr. John Nicholson.
  • APSU was well represented at 2013 MAA Southeastern Section Meeting of Meeting.   Pictured below:  Dr. Ben Ntatin, Elisha Golliher, Dristin Knight, Dr. Nell Rayburn, Dr. Raman Sahi, Dr. Raman Sahi, Dr. Jim Vandergriff, Anne French, Elizabeth Juelfs, Jordan Taylor.  
    • Talks:
      • Practical formative assessment strategies suitable for a hybrid business calculus course,  Dr. Ben Ntatin.
      • Self-Starting improved Euler for solving the heat equation, Elizabeth Juelfs, mentored by Dr. Samuel Jator.
      • Extended backwards differentiation using trig basis for oscillatory problems, Jordan Taylor, Robert French, mentored by Dr. Samuel Jator.
      • The mathmatics of Bayesian learning models and text classification, Anne French, mentored by Dr. John Nicholson.
      • Applications to generalized distributions, Kristen Knight, mentored by Dr. Ayman Alzaatreh.
      • Solving a parabolic PDE using the Laplace transform through the method of lines, Dodji Kuwonu, mentored by Dr. Samuel Jator.
      • A higher order method for boundary layer to problems in engineering, Dr. Raman Sahi.
    • Congratulations to Dr. Jim Vandergriff, recipient of 2013 Southeastern Section Service Award !!!!!
    • Congratulations to Kristen Knight, who was named winner of the Patterson Prize at the 2013 annual meetings of the Southeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America, Winthrop University, SC.  The Walt and Susan Patterson Prize was established in 2006 to encourage undergraduates to participate in the annual meetings. This prize is given to the best student presentations at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America. Kristen  won this award for presenting a paper entitled "Applications to generalized distributions", which is part of research she did with Dr. Ayman Alzaatreh.

Southeastern Section Delegation

  • 2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awardee:  Kristen Knight
  • Spring 2012 Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates:  John T. Walker III, Megan N. Alvarez, Justin S. Cook, Cole A. Boggs, Dylan M. Wood, Zakilna Cetic
  • Students present and win at the Tennessee Academy of Science Meeting at Belmont University on April 14, 2012.    

    Student Presentations were as follows:


    An Investigation of the Convergence of the Newton-Raphson Method in the Complex Plane. Mason Yost, James York-Winegar, and Cortney Bramlett (Mentored by Dr. Ntatin) 

    (Won 3rd place) THE JOUKOWSKY AIRFOIL: TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE COMPLEX PLANE. Zaklina Cetic, Anne French, Yuri Kim, Arkadiusz Piasecki (Mentored by Dr. Ntatin)

    Sencond place was won by Ann French and Lilian Alvarez, presenting on ...... (Mentored by Dr. Sahi)

APSU students and faculty at TAS

  • The APSU Mathematical Modeling team receives Honorable Mention in the International Contest in Mathematical Modeling.   

    The APSU Mathematical Modeling team has received an Honorable Mention Designation in the International Contest in Mathematical Modeling.  Team members are James York-Winegar, Mason Yost, and Michael Walker.  Team sponsor and coach is Dr. Raman Sahi.  Please join me in congratulating Dr. Sahi and her students.

  • Students and Faculty present at MAA Southeastern Section Meeting in March.  
    Students Liliana Alvarez, Anne French, Stephanie Jesse, and Corey Medlin presented papers earlier this month at the Southeastern Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America at Clayton State University, Atlanta, GA.  These students were mentored by faculty members Dr.  Samuel Jator, Dr. Raman Sahi, and Dr. Ben Ntatin.  Faculty members Dr. Fola Agusto, Dr. Ben Ntatin, and Dr. Raman Sahi also presented papers, and Dr. Sahi taught a mini course on Introductory Knot Theory. DSC_0264.JPG
  • Dr. Samuel Jator and Cory Medlin confer on Cory's undergraduate research project. DSC_0251.JPG
  • Paper Published -- Congratulations to Dr. Samuel Jator and former students Robert French and Scott Swindell.  Their paper "Trigonometrically fitted block Numerov type method for y"=f(x,y,y')" has been accepted for publication in the journal Numerical Algorithms.
  • MTMT Conference--

The Middle Tennessee Mathematics’ Teachers held their annual conference February 3-4, 2012 at Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee. The conference was attended by over 240 inservice and preservice teachers. Five APSU faculty and 4 APSU students presented at the conference. Ashley Whitehead presented “Problem Solving and Modeling with Fractions”. She also presented “Student Teaching: the good, the bad, and the ugly.” with Dr. Ann Assad. Additionally, Dr. Ann Assad presented “Early Experiences in Problem Solving through Connections”. Dr. Matt Jones and Dr. Andy Wilson presented “SOARing with Mathematics” with APSU student Katie Mattingly. Dr. Jackie Vogel presented “A Grab Bag of Manipulatives” with APSU students Gena Carter, Meaghan Sikes, and Josh Bunger. An additional 17 students attended the conference as part of a SASI grant, along with about 15 students from Residency I. The students gained valuable experience from this conference as evidenced in the following quotes by Meaghan Sikes and Katie Mattingly. “I really enjoyed this experience and would love to go back!” and “This was definitely a learning experience for me. I feel like I have grown as a speaker and a teacher candidate.”

  • MathFest, Lexington, KY 2011

Students at Mathfest 2011

  • Congratulations to Stephanie Jesse, James Winegar and Lisa Elliott for their presentations at MathFest 2011 in Lexington, KY
  • Congratulations to the following students and faculty who presented and won prizes at the Tennessee Academy of Science Meeting at Union University, Jackson, TN on October 28, 2011:

1st Prize: ANALIZING MATHEMATICAL BELIEFS USING GEOMETRIC PICTURES. Stephanie J. Jessie*, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

2nd Prize: MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF A PROSTHETIC HAND FROM THE MANUFACTURING POINT OF VIEW. Lisa Elliott*, Tia Guarino*, Stephanie Jessie*, and James Winegar*, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

3rd Prize: COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS OF THE BUGEY NEUTINO OSCILLATION EXPERIMENT. Mason T. Yost*, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

Other student presentations:

MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF BEADS FOR A GIVEN JAR. Cortney L. Bramlett*, Megan N. Alvarez*, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.


CREATING THE IDEAL MATHEMATICS EDIFICE. Kelsey Phillips, Liliana Alvarez, Jonathan Clinard, Anne French, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

Faculty presentations at TAS:

KNOTS AND CHIRALITY. Ramanjit K. Sahi, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

APPLICATION OF OPTIMAL CONTROL TO THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF MALARIA DISEASE. Okosun, K. O. Agusto F. B., and Nizar Marcus, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee (OAFB), and University of the Western Cape, South Africa (OK, NM)

THE CANTOR SET – A PATHOLOGICAL SUBSET OF THE REALS. Ben Ntatin, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.

Student and Faculty presenters at the TN Academy of Science

  • Fall 2011 Pi Mu Epsilon initiates:

2011 Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates

1) Elliott Lisa

2) Baker R. Byron

3) Foust William L.

4) French Anne Marie

5) Hayes, Christopher R.

6) Jensen Elijah R.

7) Nelson Lawrence D.

8) Sullivan Skylar J.

9) Thompson, Terry E.

10) Smith William T.

11) Lemons Samuel

12) Dr. Ayman Alzaatreh

13) Dr. Folashade Agusto

14) Ms. Smith Nellie R.

  • Casey McKnight has won the William McClure Drane Award. Casey is also the recipient of the department's Outstanding Senior Award. Click here to read more.
  • Congratulations to Kevin Carrigan, recipient of the department's Outstanding Sophomore Award!
  • APSU's Mathematical Modeling Team has received an Honorable Mention Designation. Dr. Raman Sahi, team sponsor, is pictured below with team members Robert French, Casey McKnight, and Caleb Wherry. Over 2700 teams from 16 countries participated.

  • Congratulations to the Spring 2011 Pi Mu Epsilon initiates. Dr. Ben Ntatin, faculty sponsor, is pictured below with our new members. We welcome the following to Pi Mu Epsilon:

1) Liliana M. Alvarez
2) Janica T. Bolden
3) Casey Neil Brock
4) Kevin F. Carrigan
5) Sean M. Cather
6) Tia Guarino
7) Stephanie R. Jessie
8) Yuri Kim
9) Stephen M. Stone
10) James M. Winegar
11) Mason T. Yost
12) Emarus D. Shay
13) Kathryn S. Skinner
14) Dr. Yi-Lin Cheng
15) Dr. Jaime Taylor


  • Congratulations to our Putnam Exam Team! Seven APSU students took the exam this Fall -- a new APSU record! Special congratulations to Casey McKnight and Jonathan Fisher for their noteworthy performance and special thanks to team sponsor, Dr. Ben Ntatin.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Sahi's Mathematical Modeling class (pictured above) for outstanding project presentations!
  • APSU Mathematics Faculty Member Receives Innovative Professor Award -- Ellen Smyth's creativity in on-line course design has been recognized nationally in the Desire-to-Learn online newsletter:
  • Mathematics Professor selected as speaker for Provost's Lecture Series: Dr. Samuel Jator spoke about his research in this installment of APSU's prestigious lecture series:
  • Students and Faculty present at 2011 Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans, LA.
    • APSU Student Robert French presented a paper he coauthored with fellow APSU student Casey McKnight and Associate Professor Ben Ntatin: A Simple Parallel Implementation of the Finite Element Method Using Linear Geometries.
    • Associate Professor Raman Sahi presented a paper she coauthored with Professor Samuel Jator: An Exponentially fitted Second Derivative Method for linear singularly perturbed boundary value problems.
    • Professor Samuel Jator presented his paper: Numerical solution for parabolic equations by a hybrid method.
    • Associate Professor Ben Ntatin presented his paper: Definition of the Cycle Space of Orbits of Semi-siimple Lie Groups acting on Flag Manifolds.
  • Fall 2010 Pi Mu Epsiloninitiates:
    • Katherine Boedges
    • Neal Fentress
    • Ashley Heinrich
    • Andrew Kerr
    • Cory Medlin
    • Beth Oglesby
    • William Parr
    • Arkadiusz Piasecki
    • Ashley Stonecipher
    • Tyler Turner
  • Students and Faculty at MathFest 2010 in Pittsburg:
    • Students Casey McKnight and Amber O'Connell presented A Parallel Finite Element Method for the Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation.
    • Students Zachary Hodge and Jesse Hotchkin presented The Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems.
    • Student Tabitha Michael presented Developmental Mathematics Through the Centuries.
    • Dr. Ben Ntatin presented On Orbits of Semi-simple Lie Groups acting on Flag Manifolds.
  • Tennessee Academy of Science 2010 Annual Meeting:
    • Students Robert French, Casey McKnight, Amber O'Connell and Prof. Ben Ntatin presented A Parallel Finite Element Method for the Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation.
    • Dr. Ben Ntatin presented A Note on the Steepest Descent Method.
    • Dr. Raman Sahi presented Initial Value Method Versus Boundary Value Method.
  • Caleb Wherry participated in a summer REU with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Last Fall he interned with NASA studying the evolution of polar stratospheric clouds. Click here for the full story!
  • Dr. Samuel Jator received the 2009 Hawkins Award for Excellence in Research. Congratulations, Dr. Jator!
  • Congratulations to the APSU Math Jeopardy team for finishing first place out of twenty four teams at the Mathematical Association of America Southeastern Section conference!!! Sponsored by Assistant Professor Yuriy Bulka, our team consisted of Jonathan Fisher, Casey McKnight, Michael Northington, and Emily Stone. The team's final score was 2700, and second place had a score of 0. Pictured below is our team. Left to right they are Emily Stone, Casey McKnight, Jonathan Fisher, and Michael Northington. Way to go!

Four images with a powerpoint behind them. Holding trophy.