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TMTA High School Mathematics Contest

TMTA 2013 High School Mathematics Contest 

Old Tests and Keys

Congratulations to all of our 2012 Contest Participants!

You all did a great job!  We had a total of 371 students from 18 schools.  Here's the breakdown of the numbers:

  • Algebra I - 77
  • Geometry - 81
  • Algebra II - 76
  • Statistics - 24
  • Precalculus - 54
  • Calculus and Advanced Topics - 59

Brochure and Registration Form:

Click here for a printable contest brochure and registration form: Apply Here!

Contact Information:

Once again, APSU is pleased to host the TMTA High School Mathematics Contest. Should you have questions, you may email

Dr. Jennifer Yantz:

We look forward to having your teams on campus this Spring!