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Contest Rules and Informtion


 Any middle school in this area with one or more sixth, seventh, or eighth grade classes is eligible to enter a team in the contest.  Each school desiring to enter a team should designate one  person as official Contest Supervisor to file the official School Registration Form and conduct all necessary correspondence with the Contest Director.  Please register by April 2, 2012  in order to permit the  orderly organization and administration of the contest. We plan to have enough t-shirts for everyone, but we cannot guarantee the preferred sizes for those who register late.


Enrolled at Grade LevelSixth GradeSeventh GradeEighth Grade
more than 60051212












Because of limited seating space we will not be able to accomodate alternates.


  1. Each test is intended to be taken by students at the grade level of the test.  Students may test up, i.e., sixth graders may take the seventh grade test, and so on.
  2. Students may take a grade level test exactly one time.
  3. Eighth graders enrolled in Algebra I will be allowed to take the eighth grade test even if they also compete in the TMTA Algebra I contest in the same year.
  4. The method of selection and preparation of contestants is left to each individual school.
  5. A fee of $10.00 per contestant will be collected to cover the cost of conducting the contest.  Make checks payable to APSU Mathematics Contest.  It is more convenient for us if you bring payment/checks with you to the contest rather than sending payment with the registration form.


         Calculators will be allowed.  Students may use any calculator that does not have a QWERTY keyboard.  (For example, the TI-84 is allowed, but the TI-92 is not allowed.  Students using a TI-Nspire must use the 84 faceplate.)

         Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.  Students must be registered and in their seats by 9:30 a.m.  The test will start at approximately 9:50 a.m. and will be conducted as one continuous test of 60 minutes.  The test will consist of 30 problems or questions to which multiple choice answers are given.  No contestant will be allowed to bring any material other than a calculator into the testing room.  Scratch paper and pencils will be provided.

         The test will be scored using the formula 4R - W + 30 (4 times the number of correct answers minus the number of incorrect answers, plus 30 points).  Students are urged not to guess.  If they are unable to work a problem, they are urged to omit it.

         Each contestant will be allowed to keep his or her copy of the exam.  After testing begins, one representative from each school may pick up the free copy of each test.  Additional copies will be sold for $1.00 each.


 Team awards at each grade level will be based on the total score of the four highest scores of students representing the school.  The top ten individuals at each grade level will receive an award.  The top individual at each grade level from each school sending at least four students will receive an award.


Please share the information in this mailing with other 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers in your school and other schools.  The frequency with which teachers change schools and teaching assignments makes it very difficult to keep our mailing list current.  Thank you for your help and consideration.



From College Street, turn into the McCord Parking Lot and follow Browning Drive to the University Center.  Buses may be unloaded at the University Center.  After unloading, park at Pettus Park.    Click here for a campus map.


NOTE:  Parking spaces on campus are extremely difficult to find. Cars may park at the Church of Christ Student Center lot at the corner of College and University.  Overflow parking is available at the Pettus Park lot.  Click here for a campus map.   Every vehicle that parks on campus or in the Church of Christ Student Center lot should display the a permit so that it is visible through the windshield.  Click here:  Parking_Permit.pdf for the permit.  Please print as many copies as needed.