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Alumni News

  • Casey McKnight (2011) Statistics Ph.D. student at Stanford University. 
  • Emily Stone (2009) Masters in Mathematics in Finance, Courant Institute at NYU.  Currently a market risk analyst at Morgan Stanley.  
  • Sarah Wilson (Newman) (2009) Statistical Genetic Analyst, Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Masters in Statistics, The University of Memphis.
  • Michael Northington (2009) Currently a Ph.D. student in mathematics at Vanderbilt University. 
  • Sherry McCormack (2007) Mathematics Instructor, Hopkinsville Community College.  Master of Science in Mathematics from Murray State University. 
  • Daniel Mayo (2007) Master of Arts in Physics from Fisk University, 2011.  Currently a graduate physics researcher at Fisk University. 
  • Carrie McBrayer (2007) Master of Science in Industrial Statistics, from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Currently a statistician with AdvanceMed Corporation in Nashville, identifying Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Josh McDonald (2007) Ph.D. student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech.