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Planning your MSM Program

The following table has been been prepared to help you plan your program of study for completing the Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree. For more information see the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

The schedule below reflects a one year program.  If you plan to complete the program in two years, you will go through the cycle twice.  During your second year you will take the course you did not take during your first year.  You are required to take MGT 5810 as your last class.  You must follow your plan exactly.  Otherwise you may skip a course that is only offered once a year and delay your completion of the degree.

Click here to review tips and suggestions regarding successful completion of the program!


* MGT 5010 is a course required for non-business graduates

Note: Following one of the programs of study identified above will enable you to move through the program with minimal scheduling difficulties. Choosing another path will require close consultation with an adviser and may result in scheduling difficulties.