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QEP Quick Look

What is a QEP?
QEP is an acronym for Quality Enhancement Plan. As part of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation process, we must develop a plan that shines a light on student learning outcomes, enhancing the quality of their learning.

What have we done in the past with a QEP?
Our most recent QEP focused on student retention. APSU 1000, Academic Alert and the Advising Survey were created as a result. 

What is our new QEP?
A think tank team of faculty, staff, and students developed the concept for our next QEP, which was then reviewed by various APSU governing bodies, such as Faculty Senate and the Deans Council. The plan will be completed in Fall 2014.

View an abstract of the QEP think tank’s work.

What will the new QEP achieve?
When fully implemented, the QEP will engage a significant proportion of faculty and students in opportunities outside the classroom. These opportunities will support and strengthen students’ academic experiences and yield demonstrable gains in student learning outcomes the University identifies as targets for improvement. 

For the purposes of accreditation and continual improvement, these opportunities, experiences and outcomes must be measurable and documented, making the development of an e-portfolio part of the QEP.

What is the development timeline?