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Courses Taught

CSCI 5095 Data Mining Project
CSCI 5080 Data Mining Applications
CSCI 5020 Data Management Applications 

CSCI 5010 Database Management Concepts
CSCI 5005 Introduction to Database and Web Technologies


CSCI 4800 Computer Science and Information Systems Seminar
CSCI 4600 Software Design and Development
CSCI 4550 Computer Graphics
CSCI 4450 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 4350 Compiler Design
CSCI 4050 Multimedia Tools and Technique
CSCI 3770 Microsoft Windows Network Operating System Administration
CSCI 3700 Data Communications and Networking
CSCI 3410 Computer Organization II
CSCI 3300 Introduction to Web Development
CSCI 3005 Object-Oriented Programming
CSCI 2080 Programming in Selected Languages - C#
CSCI 2080 Programming in Selected Languages - Visual Basic
CSCI 2010 Introduction to Programming in C++ II
CSCI 1017 Introduction to Python Programming
CSCI 1015 Introduction to Computer Programming in Java
CSCI 1010 Introduction to Programming in C++ I
CSCI 1005 Computer Software, Hardware, and Programming Concepts
CSCI 1000 Introduction to Computer Science