Community and Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate
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Community and Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate

The Department of Leadership and Organizational Administration offers a 12-hour graduate certificate in Community and Organizational Leadership.  

This online program is designed for professionals who have already earned a Bachelor's degree and would like to enhance their leadership skills to increase individual success and maximize the impact they have on their colleagues, communities, and organizations.  

The graduate certificate requires two core courses and two elective courses, as outlined below:

Core Courses:

LDSP 5300 Survey of Best Practices in Leadership

LDSP 5310 Community Leadership

Elective Courses (choose two):

LDSP 5110 Organizational Innovation

LDSP 5120 Leadership Development Strategies for Organizations

LDSP 5130 Leadership Judgment and Decision Making

LDSP 5140 Social Influence Processes

LDSP 5150 Power, Ethics, and Leadership

LDSP 5160 Organizational Strategy for Leaders

LDSP 5200 Organizational Culture, Politics, and Change

To learn more about this program, contact our Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Kathryn Woods, Associate Professor for Leadership and Organizational Administration


Office Phone: 931-221-1419