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Upcoming Course Offerings

Film Studies Courses:   Fall 2014


ENGL 2070:  Introduction to Film Studies (3 credits)                    TR 11:10-12:35  HH 307

Prerequisite:   ENGL 1020

Instructor:       Daniel Shea

An introduction to the fundamentals of film studies, especially the history and forms of films, films as narratives, film genres, film theory and criticism, and approaches to writing film reviews and film essays.  Films may be viewed both in and outside of class. 


ENGL 460I:  Special Topics: Films of the 1960s (3 credits)           THUR 2:20-5:10  HH 317

Prerequisite:   ENGL  2030

Instructor:       Jill Franks

The decade of the ‘sixties sees tremendous changes in film style, content and technique.  Social movements such as civil rights, antiwar, free love, and women’s movement all provide new material and technique for film directors.   Jazz replaces classical music in movie scores.  Directors experiment with new visual effects.   Representative films include In the Heat of the Night, Splendor in the Grass, Hitchcock’s Marnie and Psycho, The Graduate, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.  We will watch the films in class.


COMM 3950:  Methods of Film Analysis  (3 credits)                                TUES 4:00-7:00

Prerequisite:  Junior standing or permission of instructor

Instructor: Anna Filippo, Department of Communication

This course begins with an examination of the elements of film form.  The course will provide students with the terminology to analyze films and fortify students’ analytical skills.  Representative films are exhibited.  Emphasis is placed on dramatic structure, types of film, film theory and the function of film.


SPAN 3450: Spanish Cinema (3 credits)                                        MON 4:30-7:30 HH 240

Prerequisite: SPAN 2020 or permission of instructor

Instructor: Miguel Ruiz-Avilez

The course is designed as an overview of Spanish Cinema in the XX and XXI centuries. We will be discussing significant films as well as the cultural and historical contexts in which they have been produced.


GERM 3420: German Cinema (3 credits)                                             TR 11:10-12:35

Prerequisite: GERM 2020 or permission of instructor

Instructor:  Norbert Puszkar

History of German cinema and study of representativ films.