2018 Film Genre Festival
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2018 Film Genre Festival

Film Genre Festival: Slapstick!


Fall 2018

What: Introduction, screening, pizza break, watch second half, discuss.

When: Four Wednesdays and one Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 pm

Where: Arts and Design 120

Served: Pizza and drinks

Sponsored by the Department of Languages and Literature




October 10, Wednesday           Safety Last! starring Harold Lloyd (1923)

                                                Introduced by Karen Bullis, Film Production



October 17, Wednesday           Sherlock Jr. directed by Buster Keaton (1924)

                                                Introduced by Dr. David Guest, Film & Literature



October 24, Wednesday           A Night at the Opera, The Marx Brothers (1935)

                                                Introduced by Dr. Christophe Konkobo, French



October 30, Tuesday                Modern Times, directed by Charlie Chaplin (1936)

                                                Introduced by Dr. Jill Franks, Film & Literature



November 7, Wednesday          Sleeper, directed by Woody Allen (1973)

                                                Introduced by Dr. Jill Franks, Film & Literature