2017 Film Genre Festival
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2017 Film Genre Festival

Film Genre Festival

This Year’s Genre: Science Fiction!

September 26 – October 31, 2017 on Tuesdays at 5:00pm

Art and Design Building, Room 120


The Science Fiction Film Fest is an opportunity to watch film professors’ selections of their favorite sci-fi flick, and to hear them discuss some relevant elements of production and meaning.  This is mostly for entertainment; however, some professors offer extra credit for attendance and a short paper.


Screenings are free! Sponsored by the Film Studies Program & Department of Lang. & Lit.  Contact: Dr. Jill Franks, franksj@apsu.edu




5:00 pm Tuesday, September 26

Film: Metropolis (1927), Director Fritz Lang

With an introduction by Kell Black (Art)


5:00 pm Tuesday, October 3

Film:  They Live (1988), Director John Carpenter

With an introduction by David Guest (Lang. & Lit.)


5:00 pm Tuesday, October 10

Film:  2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Director Stanley Kubrick

With an introduction by Jill Franks (Lang. & Lit.)


5:00 pm Tuesday, October 24

Film: The Matrix (1999), Directors The Wachowski Brothers

With an introduction by Tracy Nichols (Communication)


5:00 pm Tuesday, October 31

Film: Eva (2011), Director Kike Maíllo

With an introduction by Osvaldo Di Paolo (Lang. & Lit.)