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The Spanish Minor

Students may earn in minor in a foreign language by completing 21 hours of required course work in the chosen language.

Spanish courses required (15 hours):

     SPAN 2010____ Intermediate Spanish I (3 credit hours)
     SPAN 2020____ Intermediate Spanish II (3)
     SPAN 3210____ Advanced Composition in Spanish (3)
     SPAN 3220____ Phonetics and Conversation in Spanish (3)
     SPAN 3310____ Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (3)

Select 1 course for 3 hours:

    SPAN 3510____Spanish Civilization I (3)
    SPAN 3520____Spanish Civilization II (3)

Select 1 course for 3 hours:

   SPAN 3610____ Spanish American Civilization I (3)
   SPAN 3620____ Spanish American Civilization II (3)

Total hours (21 required)______________