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Foreign Language Major: German Specialization

Required Courses (24 Hours):

GERM 2010____ Intermediate German I (3 credit hours)
GERM 2020____ Intermediate German II (3)
GERM 3210____ Advanced Composition in German (3)
GERM 3220____ Phonetics and Conversation in German (3)
GERM 3510____ German Civilization, Culture, Geography I (3)
GERM 3520____ German Civilization, Culture, Geography II (3)
GERM 4510____ Survey of German Literature I (3)
GERM 4520____ Survey of German Literature II (3)

Take a series of two courses in an additional foreign language
(6-8 semester hours):

SPAN, FREN, LATN, or GREK 1010-1020 (Beg. Series) 4+4
SPAN, FREN, LATN, or GREK 2010-2020 (Intermed. Series) 3+3

Total Hours Required (30-32) 

Licensure to Teach German

The program described above fulfills requirements in the content area leading to teacher-licensure. As part of the licensure process, a student planning to teach German in middle or high school should complete the major in Foreign Languages with a German concentration and the minor in Professional Education.

In addition, the student must take the following courses:

     LING 4400 Teaching Foreign Languages in the Secondary School (3)
    GERM 3040 Study Abroad in German (6-8)

See an advisor in Foreign Languages in the Department of Languages and Literature for more information.