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Foreign Language Major: French Specialization

French courses required (33-35 hours):

FREN 2010____ Intermediate French I (3 credit hours)
FREN 2020____ Intermediate French II (3)
FREN 3210____ Advanced Composition in French (3)
FREN 3220____ Phonetics and Conversation in French (3)                
FREN 3320_____ French Civilization (3)

 A two-semester  sequence from Spanish, German, Greek,  or Latin

Licensure students: Select three from FREN  3420 French Cinema, FREN 3430 Approaches to French Literature, FREN 4410 French Poetry, FREN 4420  French Theatre, FREN 4430 French Fiction, FREN 4530 French Literature: Special Topics.

Non-licensure students: Select any three FREN courses numbered 3410 or higher.

Select one from HIST 3340 Absolutism and Enlightenment, HIST 3350 Modern Europe, 1789-1919.

Total Hours: 33-35  


See an advisor in Foreign Languages in the Department of Languages and Literature for more information.

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