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Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies minor is designed to examine and apply the terms and concepts of film appreciation, theory and criticism.  Students will develop an understanding of films from several different cultures and gain an ability to analyze films in technical, theoretical, historical and cultural terms. 

For information, contact Dr. Jill Franks, Film Studies Coordinator, at

The Film Studies minor consists of 18 credit hours.

Required course --

  • ENGL 2070:     Introduction to Film Studies (does not have to be taken first)

Select five of the following --

  • ENGL 340J:      Shakespeare on Film
  • ENGL 360H:     Literature and Film across Cultures
  • ENGL 460I:      Special Topics in Film Studies
  • ENGL 460J:      Film Auteurs
  • FREN 3420:     French Cinema
  • GERM 3420:    German Cinema
  • SPAN 3450:     Peninsular and Latin American Cinema
  • WS 3070:        Women and Film
  • COMM 3950    Methods of Film Analysis
  • COMM 4960    Film Scriptwriting

In addition to the above courses, students may take Special Topics courses from other departments or programs when the topic is film.  For instance, the following Special Topics have been offered:

  • AAST 3020      Seminar in African American Studies (Film)
  • THEA 460        Special Topics in Theatre Arts (Movie Musicals)
  • COMM 4300    Special Topics in Popular Culture (Harry Potter and Dr. Who)

Meet the Faculty

 Film Studies Courses, Fall 2016  Click this link to see Fall course offerings.