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The English Major

The English major, leading to the B.A. or B.S. degree, consists of thirty-three semester hours of upper-division course work: nine hours of English literature, six hours of American literature, three hours of linguistics, three hours of advanced writing, and twelve hours of 3000-4000 literature courses approved by the department. There is no required sequence for these courses; however, students should be aware of the typical sequence of scheduling since not every course is offered every semester. English Majors must also complete the first year level of foreign language for the B.S. degree and the intermediate level of a foreign language for the B.A. Degree (1010 and 1020 or 2010 and 2020), ENGL 1100, and a minor. If Writing is selected as the minor, it must consist of courses that are not used for the major.

British literature (all three courses are required):

ENGL 3100 ____  British Literature I (3 credit hours)
ENGL 3130 ____  British Literature II
ENGL 3150 ____  Shakespeare

  • Total hours in British literature (9)

American literature (both required):

ENGL 3010 ____  American Literature I (3)
ENGL 3020 ____  American Literature II (3)

  • Total hours in American literature (6)

Advanced writing (choose one):

ENGL 3200 ____ Expository Writing (3)
ENGL 3210 ____ Writing Fiction (3)
ENGL 3220 ____ Writing Poetry
ENGL 3500 ____ Advanced Technical Writing
ENGL 3510 ____ Technical Report Writing
ENGL 3600 ____ Professional Writing and Editing
ENGL 3700 ____ Business Writing
ENGL 4200 ____ Writing Workshop: Expository Writing
ENGL 4210 ____ Writing Workshop: Fiction
ENGL 4220 ____ Writing Workshop: Poetry

  • Total hours in writing courses (3)

Linguistics (choose one):

LING 4010 ____ History and Etymology (3)
LING 4020 ____ History of American English (3)
LING 4030 ____ Introduction to Historical Linguistics (3)
LING 4040 ____ How Language Works (3)
LING 4050 ____ English Grammar and Usage (3)
LING 4060_____Survey of Early Germanic Languages (3)

  • Total hours in linguistics courses (3)

Electives (choose four upper-division English courses. At least three must be literature courses excluding 3310, 3320, 3420, and 4400, and at least one must be a diversity course from 340B, 340D, 340F, 340G, 340H, 340M, 340N, 340P, 340R, 340W, 360H.):

Elective______________________________ (3)
Elective______________________________ (3)
Elective______________________________ (3)
Elective______________________________ (3)

  • Total hours in elective courses (12)
    • TOTAL hours (33 required)

Also required:

ENGL 1100____ Technical and Report Writing (3)

Two courses (one year, beginner levels) of a Foreign Language for the Bachelor of Science in English degree OR the intermediate levels of a Foreign Language for the Bachelor of Arts in English degree.

You can download this EnglishChecklist.pdfto fill out.