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The English Major Leading to Licensure to Teach in the Secondary Schools

Students preparing for secondary school teaching must take 36 hours of upper-division English and Reading courses, listed below. They must also take one year of a foreign language on the college level and ENGL 1100 for the computer literacy requirement.

English Literature (all three courses are required):

ENGL 3100____ English Literature I (3 credit hours)
ENGL 3130____ English Literature II (3)
ENGL 3150____ Shakespeare (3)

American Literature (both courses are required):

ENGL 3010____ American Literature I (3)
ENGL 3020____ American Literature II (3)

Advanced Writing (choose at least one):

ENGL 3200____ Expository Writing (3)
ENGL 3500____ Advanced Technical Writing (3)
ENGL 3600____ Professional Writing and Editing (3)

Linguistics (choose at least two):

LING 4010 ____ History and Etymology (3)
LING 4020 ____ History of American English (3)
LING 4030 ____ Introduction to Historical Linguistics (3)
LING 4040 ____ How Language Works (3)
LING 4050 ____ English Grammar and Usage (3)
LING 4060_____Survey of Early Germanic Languages (3)

Adolescent Literature:

ENGL 3420____Adolescent Literature (3)

Reading (taught through School of Education):

RDG 4890____Reading (3)

Teaching English in Secondary Schools:

ENGL 4400____Teaching English in Sec. Schools (3)

Electives (at least one upper-division literature course):

Elective______________________________ (3)

TOTAL HOURS (36 required)___________

Foreign Language (two courses in the same language required at the college level):

Foreign Language Course _______________________(3-4)
Foreign Language Course _______________________(3-4)

Also required:

ENGL 1100____ Technical and Report Writing (3)

You can download this EnglishLicensureChecklist.pdf  to fill out.

Note:  Outside the Department of Languages and Literature, students must complete the requirements for the Professional Education Minor and Student Teaching.