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New Students

If you are starting the MSIO Psychology program in a Fall semester, then the following classes are recommended. Classes for students starting in a Spring semester will vary by program of study. If you have not already had an advising session or would like to enroll part-time, please contact your advisor or the program coordinator.

Suggested Coursework for full-time Fall admits: 

PSY 5501 Orientation to I-O Psychology (1 Credit)

Addresses academic and professional issues related to the study and practice of I-O psychology. Topics to be addressed include historical foundations of the field, links between I-O psychology and psychological science, career paths, scholarly and practitioner associations and publications, resume preparation, internship search strategies, and orientation to the M.S. program.

PSY 5000 Research Methods and Statistics (3 Credits)

An introduction to research design and statistical methods in Psychology. Topics include experimental, quasi-experimental, and correlational methods; measurement and sampling; descriptive statistics; inferential statistics for differences between sample means; correlation and regression; non-parametric statistics.

PSY 5270 Foundations of Applied Psychology (3 Credits)

An overview of selected areas within the discipline of scientific psychology that forms a foundation for advanced study in specific areas of applied psychology. Topics to be emphasized include cognition, learning, social psychology, personality, intelligence, motivation, and emotion.

PSY 5580: Personnel Psychology (3 Credits)

The course addresses the major areas within the field of personnel or industrial psychology including job analysis, job evaluation, recruitment, models of job performance, personnel selection, training and development and performance appraisal.