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Jennifer Purdom

Current I/O Psychology Students

If you are currently enrolled in the I/O program, these courses are suggested* for Fall 2010:

PSY 5510 Performance Management (3 Credits)

Measurement of processes related to job analysis and performance appraisal will be explored. Topics to be studied include systems for documenting work content, work context and performance requirements of jobs and the cognitive, affective and administrative factors related to designing systems for measuring and managing job performance.

PSY 5540 Training and Development (3 Credits)

Studies the process of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating training programs. Topics to be explored include the instructional systems design model, motivation to learn, principles of adult learning, instructional techniques, transfer of training and program evaluations

PSY 5950/5960/5990 Research Paper/Applied Research Paper/Thesis (3 credits)

The student registers for three hours of research to develop a complete proposal for further research or the three hours may culminate in the completion of research paper sufficient to meet departmental and graduate school requirements.

The student would identify one or more human resource-related problems being faced by an organization. The student would review the relevant academic literature related to the problem and prepare a report for the organization. The report would review the research literature and culminate with a set of recommendations that flow from that literature. Could be taken in lieu of PSY 5950 or PSY 5990.

An individual research project culminating in a written and oral presentation of the research conducted. After identifying a problem, the student may collect original data analyze data or critically analyze the results of research published in the professional literature. The student must add to the research literature by offering sound original data or a meta-analysis. (3 credits could be earned in one semester - Usually takes two semesters to complete thesis requirements).

PSY 5270 Foundations of Applied Psychology

An overview of selected areas within the discipline of scientific psychology that forms a foundation for advanced study in specific areas of applied psychology. Topics to be emphasized include cognition, learning, social psychology, personality, intelligence, motivation, and emotion.

*Seek the approval of Program Coordinator before signing up for any elective credit.